With the magic of the camera, I believe that a photo can allow us to hold a moment with a greater beauty and depth than we could have imagined and lets us keep it in our hearts for an endless time to enjoy.  As a photographer, it is the partnership of our beloved animals that fuels my passion to capture these forever moments. 

...My love for animals began as a small child. My first significant word was "pony" and my doll carriage always full of stuffed animals (no dolls).  Family allergies had forced the "no pet" rule so I sought solace reading every animal book in the library. ...And after college I embarked on the serious goal of slowly catching up on all that I missed as a child.

A feisty Government line Morgan owned by a police chief former marine who spoiled her but failed to convince her not to panic and rear under saddle was my first horse. When she suffered the loss of her foal, "Westbridge Fascination" was destined to become mine and with time and love - we worked it out. A later partnership in an equine business enlarged my ownership to include a CDE pair of magical black beauty siblings and a pair of rescued Percheron drafts siblings.  Today my dressage horse, the Cheval Canadian "Du Coteau LaLou Echo" keeps me entranced (and challenged) riding.  Sharing Duke with talented riders I watched him become the first of this endangered breed to succeed nationally with 4 USDF All Breed gold medals, many blue ribbons, and several high point USDF show honors. 

Through freelance equine writing and photography, my journey has allowed me the privilege to shoot many beautiful horses in the US as well as in Canada, France and Portugal. Tony Stromberg, Rita Fernandes and Katarzyna Orkzesik-Mikolajek have been the most influential and supportive to my growth as a photographer.  

Having these varied experiences around horses, learning the movement and their expressions has developed my devotion to the spirit of the horse.  Let me share this magic with you. 

...Susan Irene